It is the spiritual journey beyond conscious.

Explore a whole new world of better health, happiness and abundance. It helps us to get rid of stressful lifestyle without spending much of time and money. With this science you can heal your physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and even financial health.

This healing system provides standardized attunement procedures to connect students to the various rays for healing & personal growth.

Healing is transmitted through hands & breath and of course through distance healing. Healing is experienced uniquely by each individual. It promotes balance, transformation, harmony, positivity & altogether a more refined sensitive consciousness. Healing works together with unconscious, the higher self & angelic guides.

Healing can be given to any subject living or non-living since it comes from cosmic energy & there in no question of giving some one’s personal energy. After attunement cosmic energy starts flowing through the hands. In this class you will be taught to give healing treatment to yourself & others.