REACH ATHA SOLUTIONS is an organization which is working in student development and lifestyle management since last 15 years. We are educationists by choice and are passionately professional about our work.

Our mission is to develop powerful working relationships for many years that nurtures and implements a continuous improvement approach for every person ensuring that they achieve the pinnacle of personal and professional excellence.

We have been working very closely with the institutions and individuals with passion to deliver the best services.

Our team of dedicated, qualified and experienced trainers, health professionals and counselors are considered to be one of the foremost authorities in personal growth, lifestyle management, career development and psychological topics.

We assure that if given an opportunity we will give our best quality services, and help students as well as adults to explore a smarter approach towards their health, education and career.

We are propagating our message of total health (Physical, mental & emotional) through our innovative programs and workshops like LIFE MANTRA, STUDENT MANTRA, Where we make available professional guidance& consultation for people. Here we use various alternative therapies & occult sciences for total health and brain development

The program we design is developed to target & rectify today’s lifestyle.

Dr Aditi Aditya Tendle

Consulting Homeopath,  MD (AM),  Mind power consultant, Clinical nutritionist, DMIT Master Trainer & Counselor, International Healer, Instructor & Master in Seichem (Adv. Reiki), Crystal therapist, Graphologist, Numerologist, Tarot reader

She is in the health care field since last 27 years.


Dr Aditya Balkrishna Tendle

Consulting Homeopath, MD (AM), Mind power consultant, International healer, DMIT Master Trainer & Counselor, Instructor & Master in Seichem (Adv. Reiki), Graphologist, Numerologist, Crystal therapist, Tarot reader, Accu Healer

He is in the healthcare field since last 27 years.


We are practicing in Thane & Borivali since last 27 years. Conducted hundreds of lectures & workshops all over India For lifestyle & stress management.



To transform every person into Skillful and Healthy individuals