Hello friends, today I’m going to discuss our unique life-changing program, “LIFE MANTRA”. As the name suggests this program is about how to live a healthy life. Nowadays everybody knows how to be healthy, due to the abundance of information available on social media. What makes our program is unique? It’s unique because we are working on for the last 25 years. It is based on our ancient traditional techniques, it is easy to carry out as daily regime and slowly it becomes our habit, and most importantly it is for all ages, it is unique because we are going to give it online to everyone interested in being healthy physically, mentally, emotionally forever.

So, what is this unique health program? Before we delve into the program, we will have a look at our health. Physical, Mental, and Emotional health. Total health means the balance of mind body and soul. Nowadays we see that diseases like cancer have become as common as cold and cough. If I ask is there anyone who has taken any medicine in the last 6 months? 90% of people will say yes but in past, maybe 25 years ago when I used to ask this question 90% of people used to raise their hands to say we don’t take any medicine. Now blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, and obesity are very common, unlike the past. The reason for this is our lifestyle changes and our changed habits. These are not diseases they are lifestyle disorders. Diseases are due to infection; disorders are results of lifestyle hazards.

We started Reach Atha Solutions with the vision to help people to achieve total health and transform into a surprisingly skillful individual. Before that, we need to find the reasons why we are not healthy. In the past, we used to live as big joint families where mostly elderly people and women looked after the house and kids, their upbringing, their education, values, everything. But now there are small nuclear families with a husband, wife and one or two kids. Everyone has their own goals, values, principles, and mindsets. There are a lot of expectations from each other but no communication and that leads to stress. And stress is at the core of all problems. So, if we want health we need to follow the lifestyle of our forefathers, our ancestors. If we start following their traditions, spiritual rituals, and habits we will easily achieve our total health.

First, let’s find what are the things which have changed

You can see that stress is increasing day by day in each field. Even babies have stress and that causes all the problems. The first reason for this is the communication gap. The second reason is changed food habits and third, being sedentary work without exercise. These three things ultimately result in- DH2O. Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart diseases, and Obesity.

This stress results in all sorts of physical ailments. Mental ailments like worry, concentration issue, memory issue, negativity, etc. Emotions lead to anger, depression, indecisiveness, loss of confidence, etc. Behavioral issues like addictions, sleeplessness, restlessness, etc.

The first step is to focus on food habits. Start taking a properly balanced diet and especially at the perfect time. Your breakfast should be like a king, lunch like a common man, and dinner like a poor man. But we do exactly the opposite of this. There should be 50% salad in your diet, 25% proteins, and 25% carbs. With food intake, we need to check detoxification too. Work out is compulsory to be fit mentally and physically and for energy, enthusiasm, and happiness. Sleep management is to be taken care of. We should have a sound relaxing sleep of 7 to 8 hours daily mostly between 10 pm to 6 pm. Mental wellness- positive attitude, happiness, family time. For mental and emotional wellbeing, we need to work on our energy level.

Many therapies help us to work on our energy level to reduce stress and maintain the balance of mind-body, and soul. Therapies like Meditation and clinical hypnosis, breathing exercises, pranayama, yoga, reflexology, healing mudras, graphology, crystal therapy, various aura and chakra healing techniques, energy medicines like homeopathy and Bach flower remedies, helps us in achieving total health.

 In our unique health program Life Mantra, we are giving all these solutions under one roof for the last 25 years. Thousands of people taking benefits from this program and living a healthy and happy life. Now with time, we are giving advanced facilities in this field from these months. We are giving all facilities online available at your fingertips anywhere anytime. You just need to join this Life Mantra group of Reach Atha solutions. We will give various health tips, techniques, solutions, medicines, diets, meditations in this group. Every week there will be a new thing for you which will be easy to follow at home to achieve your health targets. So be ready to join the total health journey.


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