31 years of medical practice taught me one thing that everything is related to your Mind, your Energy, your Emotions. Being a Homoeopathic consultant and alternative therapist, I am totally focused on the mental health of a person. When you understand and treat your mind, you create a balance between your Mind, Body, and Soul.

That is called ‘TOTAL HEALTH’.

We see stress building day by day in our life due to various reasons such as our changed lifestyle, our upbringing, education, sanskar, diet, sleep, workload, lack of exercise, communication gap, etc. During busy schedules, stress keeps building due to fears like fear of rejection to fear of failure. Uncertainty about each and everything. Interest or disinterest in things. Loneliness. Over sensitiveness or over-emotional behavior. Hopelessness or despair. But with problems, we have solutions too. There are various ways to work on these problems. Doing wrong things, taking wrong medicines, or taking wrong decisions should not be the solutions.

My wife and I have been working on Divine solutions such as Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Healing, Angel Therapy, Crystal therapy, Graphology, Mantra Therapy, Mudras, Reflexology, Switch words and many more for the last 25 years.

One such unique divine therapy is ‘Flower remedies’, also called ‘Energy medicine’, which works on our mind, emotions, and energy at the cellular level to get quick fantastic results.

In this stressful period, we need something to solve our issues on our own. Hence we’ll be conducting a workshop on what these remedies are, how they work, where and when to use, and what to expect. Many workshops, a lot of books, and 25 years of experience helped us to develop this unique workshop to understand these 38 unique flower remedies invented by Dr. Bach.

Dr. Bach invented these medicines because his only goal was that ‘ordinary person also should be able to decide his own medicines as per his mental state or nature and get rid of his illness and these remedies should not have any side effects.’ The keyword is ‘Heal Thyself’.

Please feel free to discuss with us on 9820239718 / 7666907970.

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