Daily Regime for this Lockdown Period

Daily Regime for this Lockdown Period

Daily Regime for this Lockdown Period

Hello Friends,

I spoke several times on health, mental health, lifestyle management, goals, time management, stress-time management in past today also nothing special, its health, mind, body, Time, and Stress management only but how to manage during this lockdown period.

There is a lot of discussion about what not to do in this period, so let’s talk about what to do, how to balance the lifestyle. Let’s see how to use my experience, the information I have, which you may have. Let’s make a time table, let’s decide the daily regime.

It will be useful for those who do not know how to spend time, but it will be useful for those who feel that time is wasted. Read, use if you agree, and tell others if you like. It is important to maintain good habits during this time, otherwise, it may become a problem as the workload increases after the lockdown ends. Whatever you do, you have to do it without stress, you have to do it without any doubt in mind, you have to do it with full faith. Let’s get started.

Write down the routine.

  • It is very much important to get up early in the morning, even if there is no work, continue the habit of getting up early. For this, go to bed early at night, usually get up at 5 o’clock, make a group of like-minded people (5 am club).
  • Take 4 tablets of Arsenic Alb 30 homeopathic medicine before brushing as soon as you wake up for the first 3 days. Have tea and breakfast after a while.
  • In between, do some breathing exercises and your regular exercise. If you do not know breathing exercises and physical exercises, then learn. Deep breathing, Pranayama, Ujjayi, Bhastrika, and Om chanting are all very simple and very useful at present. These types of breathing will help to provide more oxygen in the morning. These actions help to regulate the function of the nose and throat. During this operation, air enters and exits by rubbing through the nose and throat, thus preventing infection and, if any destroying it. Along with this, you need to do physical exercise. If not, at least apply surynamaskara. When you exercise, the body secretes the hormone endorphins (happy hormones) which reduce stress and increase enthusiasm.
  • This is followed by diet. It is important to take a balanced diet on time. It is said that breakfast should be like a king, lunch should be like a common man and dinner should be like a beggar. But we do the exact opposite, we skip breakfast and eating heavily at night has bad effects on the body. We need to think about what we eat and when we eat it. Science says that the body works for repairs throughout the night, so when the body needs more nutrition in the morning, we do not give it, and if we eat more and heavier food at night, the body stops repairing and start digesting food, so it does not feel refreshed in the morning. Take proper heavy breakfast within one hour after getting up, lunch should be taken by 12.30 to dinner by 8.30 pm. Eat some nutrients in between. There should be a gap of 2 hours between dinner and sleep. In the present situation, the diet should contain maximum vitamins and nutrients. Lemons, ginger, fruits, leafy vegetables, cereals, lettuce should be in large quantities. Drink 3/4 liter of water, hot water daily. Drink turmeric in hot water in the morning. Gargle, take steam. There can be a lot of discussion on the subject of milk but now it is enough to drink cow’s milk. Take care of protein, calcium. Take supplements where necessary.
  • The body needs detoxification. Food, water, and air carry toxins in the body with nutrients. They need to be drained. There are some techniques to learn and use them.
  • Our body needs 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep.
  • Some drugs are also called energy drugs. Flower remedies are a branch of homeopathy. At this time, take a mixture of some of these drugs 4-4-4. Useful for increasing mind power. Learn about these medicines and use them that do not have any adverse effects on the body.
  • For mental health read, write, attend positive motivational lectures, webinars, podcasts. Follow spiritual rituals like chanting, healing, meditate, etc. Do whatever that keeps you happy and positive. Learn new things, new techniques, new skills. Use this free time positively. Forget bad past, be in optimistically in present, and get ready for the future.
  • Friends, did you notice one thing from all the above? We want to increase our physical and mental immunity. You want to keep your weapon sharp. You are following other instructions given by the government. You are wise enough.

Be Patient, Stay Calm, Stay at Home, Stay Safe.

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